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The difference in the timings of healthcare professionals’ shifts and sleep disturbances

  • Mahmoud Dibas, Mohammad Rashidul Hashan,
  • Pages 32-34

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) bear a huge responsibility of taking care of patients 24 hours a day and for the whole week. Although HCPs help patients get over their sufferings, these workers endanger their lives and cause themselves health problems including sleep disturbances. Since most of these disturbances are related to the timing or the schedules of these workers, the aim of this mini-review is to shed the light on how these shift schedules are different and how they can affect the sleepness and/or wakefulness of the workers in the health sector.

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Aspiring experience journey towards research: importance and essential skills

Case Study
  • Gehad Mohamed Tawfik, Peter Samuel Eid, Linh Tran, Le Huu Nhat Minh, Mohammad Rashidul Hashan, Muhammed Khaled Elfaituri, Ali Mahmoud Ahmed,
  • Pages 35-38
  • 07/07/2018
  • 42
  • 1400
  • Free

Research is the creative and systematic conversion of ideas into knowledge and the application of this knowledge in different life fields. The more you get involved in research, the more experiences and skills you can gain. The continuous decreasing number of medical students interested in research can affect the public health in future. Our aim is to encourage medical students to involve more in the research career and to highlight the importance and skills needed for being a successful researcher. Discipline, passion to gain the knowledge, the accuracy of data checking, team work and strict rules are the most important characteristics of a research team. A researcher should be passionate, hard-working, and patient. Teamwork is the golden key to doing research; you should be responsible for your team and develop their research skills along the study period. A researcher should be a self-learner to increase his skills to get an advanced level. From the most important skill that a researcher should gain it by time is the leadership. Being motivated along the study period is an obstacle that leaders always meet, so you should have solutions for it. Fairness is an important manner a leader should acquire. Contribution in a research lab from your youth to build your CV, personality and gain great publications by time.

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