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  • 1 : Sulaiman Al Rajhi Colleges, College of Medicine, Saudi Arabia
  • 2 : Online research Club (
  • 3 : Medical Officer, Infectious Disease Division, Respiratory and enteric infections department. International Center for Diarrheal Disease and Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Received 14/03/2018
  • Accepted 23/06/2018
  • Available online 07/07/2018
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Healthcare professionals (HCPs) bear a huge responsibility of taking care of patients 24 hours a day and for the whole week. Although HCPs help patients get over their sufferings, these workers endanger their lives and cause themselves health problems including sleep disturbances. Since most of these disturbances are related to the timing or the schedules of these workers, the aim of this mini-review is to shed the light on how these shift schedules are different and how they can affect the sleepness and/or wakefulness of the workers in the health sector.


Healthcare professionals Shift work Shift time sleep disturbances

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