Letter to Editor

My Way of Becoming a Good ECG Reader


My first days of learning about ECG was during the summer of second year at the medical school. I went through the graduation test with very little knowledge about ECG. I started learning ECG by comparing the ECG tracings with the echocardiographic results. However, the echo could not help in case of arrhythmia. So I spent my time reading the “Marriott's Practical Electrocardiography” – kind of textbook of ECG. It was so boring and I quickly gave up the goal of finishing the book. Then I changed to another strategy. Every time I saw an arrhythmic case, I went back home reading a whole chapter about some entity. This strategy proved to be effective. Gradually my skill of interpreting an ECG was built up. From the point of reading an ECG superficially and making a quick diagnosis (which is erroneous most of the time), I became very tedious in finding subtle abnormal signs. When you work really hard, life always has some rewards. I had been selected to study abroad about cardiac electrophysiology.  Nowadays, being the Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology department in my hospital, my daily work is to deal with challenging arrhythmic cases. Interpreting elusive ECG tracings is always a passion for me.

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