Case Study

Challenging intraorbital foreign body: a case report


Purpose: To report a case of large intraorbital foreign body after a trauma.

Case report: A 38-year-old male patient admitted to hospital because of blurry vision and pain in left eye after being hit by a windscreen wiper on left eye (OS). Lid laceration was treated in a tertiary center before the patient was admitted to Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital with diagnosis orbital cellulitis and intraorbital foreign body of OS. High dose of antibiotics had been indicated before he underwent surgery to remove the foreign body. The foreign body was made of plastic, 7×10×35mm in size with many edges and adjacent to the orbital apex.

Conclusion: Taking history and trauma mechanism carefully may aid to early diagnosis and appropriate treatment to a patient with intraorbital foreign body. CT-scan images of the orbit, the globe, the sinuses and the cranial bones not only help locate the foreign body, but also aid to find out injuries of adjacent structures.

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