Validity and reliability of the UTBAS-6 scale for Vietnamese adults who stutter

Original Research


Introduction: To date no study has investigated speech-related social anxiety for Vietnamese adults who stutter. To carry out such a study, a culturally and linguistically relevant assessment tool is required but is not yet available. The objectives of this study were to translate and adapt the UTBAS-6 scale into Vietnamese and evaluate the validity and reliability of the Vietnamese version of the scale for use with Vietnamese adults who stutter.

Methods: The translation process included forward and backward translation, synthesis, and expert review. The final version was administered to 34 Vietnamese adults who stutter. Content validity was assessed by experts working in the field of speech and language therapy. Face validity was assessed by study participants. Convergent and divergent validities were used to determine the construct validity. Cronbach’s alpha was used to test the internal consistency and intraclass correlation coefficient to determine test-retest reliability.

Results: S-CVIs of “Relevance” and “Clarity” of the scale were in the range of 0.83-1.00, showing a high consensus of the expert panel. All participants stated that the Vietnamese version was related to stuttering and was easy to understand. The convergent validity was at 88.9% of the items, and the divergent validity was at 61.1% of the items. Alpha coefficients of three subscales and total scale were greater than 0.7. The test-retest reliability of the scales was moderate.

Conclusions: The results of the study provided preliminary information on the validity and reliability of the Vietnamese version of the UTBAS-6 scale. Further studies with a representative and larger sample size are needed to ensure the accuracy of the findings.

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